My travel packing list

Am I the only one who gets both excited and anxious about packing a suitcase to go somewhere? Hopefully it’s not just me! I always get a moment of panic (invariably when I’m already at the airport/on the mode of transport/at the destination) that I’ve forgotten to pack something important.

I know the world isn’t going to end just because I’ve forgotten to pack a particular pair of shorts or an extra bottle of shampoo, but it still gets to me.

To try to alleviate my irrational thoughts, I’ve been dedicating a fair amount of time to planning and compiling a list of what I’m going to pack.

In case you’re interested, here are a few of the things I’m taking with me to Australia.

Kanken backpack kanken-classic-deep-red-folk

Ok, I’m still trying to decide which colour and size Kanken bag to get (why must there be so much choice?), but I’m hoping this will be a worthwhile purchase. I know they’re not cheap but from what I’ve heard they are super comfortable and practical, too.

Edit: I decided on the rich red folk pattern pictured in the end and I’m thrilled with it!

Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 High Energy (White/Black)skechers

I’ve already bought these Skechers trainers and I love them. They have “Air Cooled Memory Foam” insoles, which make you feel like you are walking on a cloud! I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for the 20 hour flight to Oz.

O’Neill Pop Rock bikini top

This is my new O’Neill bikini top, which I got for £14.99 from Surfdome. Since it was in the sale, I wasn’t able to get the matching bikini bottoms but I managed to get a similar pair that are also O’Neill. Who cares about matching?!

H&M twill shorts in black

A bargain I reckon, these black twill shorts from H&M were only £7.99. I also got a denim cut-off style pair for £10.

H&M flannel shirt in black/white check

I can’t resist a good flannel shirt and this black and white one from H&M caught my eye. I think that it’s very classic but casual. I can see myself getting lots of wear out of it.

Anyway, that’s just a snapshot of the things I’m going to take with me to Australia. I’ve noticed everything is very black and white! Maybe I do need a splash of colour…

Let me know if you have any “must-have” suggestions for things I should pack!


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